What is it?:

After registering you'll begin receiving paid post opportunities directly to your inbox. That's right, I'll literally be emailing you opportunities to get paid to post on TikTok. I have hundreds of brands hitting me up EVERYDAY to buy promoted posts and I want to help YOU get paid to do them.

Typically, the only creators that monetize their TikToks are the ones that hire an agency to go and find them brand deals or creators with millions of followers.

With this package, you'll get paid posting opportunities sent directly to you.

This means:

  1. No dealing with agents
  2. No minimum follower count needed
  3. No excuses for not monetizing your TikTok

How It Works:

  1. Sign Up
  2. I'll email you paid post opportunities (and tips to make the post as successful as possible)
  3. You'll choose to participate or pass
  4. Upon participating, you'll submit your post and get paid


You're guaranteed to receive at least $50 worth of paid post opportunities in the first 30 days - that means there is ZERO risk for signing up and getting paid to post.


  • You'll be getting paid post opportunities sent to you via email
  • The paid posts will be for creating posts that are duets of certain posts, using certain sounds or hashtags
  • Your payment for each post will be determined upfront (either on a CPM basis or flat fee) ie. $10 for a single post OR a $1.25 CPM (cost per 1,000 views) in which case you'd get paid based on the performance of the post.
  • You'll get paid out every 2 weeks.

Why I'm Doing This:

I founded my YouTube channel under the premise of providing creators with as much value as possible. That started with me simply providing consulting to help individuals grow (backed with a money-back guarantee) and now it is evolving to me helping you get paid to post (backed with a money-back guarantee).

Personally, I'm not very impressed with the current TikTok marketplace and know that I could do it much better. It doesn't provide individuals with easy access to paid deals and I haven't heard one person say how good it is (worst of all you need 100K followers to join).

I have hundreds of brands hitting me up everyday to collaborate with myself and my audience and thousands of creators hit me up on a daily basis asking how they can monetize their TikTok.

With this opportunity I'm able to help YOU get paid for posting on TikTok.

Monetize My TikTok